Clear the Way for a New Project

Schedule home demolition services in Antioch, IL

Sometimes it's quicker and easier to start over from scratch. Whether you want to bring down an entire building or simply tear out old features, Wee Haul Anything LLC can help. We provide home demolition services in the Antioch, IL area and will work with you to complete whatever demolition work you need. You can rely on us to...

  • Remove specific cabinets, shower enclosures or walls to give you a fresh start for your remodeling project
  • Tear your building down to the studs so you can rebuild it from the ground up
  • Demolish an entire structure to clear out your lot completely

Tell us exactly what you want removed and we'll get to work. Set up professional demolition services by contacting us today.

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We take the time to do it right

If you want to tear out your old, outdated bathroom, the last thing you need is a careless demolition crew tearing up your home. When you hire Wee Haul Anything, you'll work with a team that has nearly 20 years of home demolition experience. We'll take the time to carefully remove the features you don't want without damaging the parts of your home you want to keep.

Make an appointment for demolition services when you call 847-338-5511.